Tips to Soothe Sunburn

Tips to Soothe Sunburn

Tip no. 1 Sunburn does not need to apply any skin care products.
Long stay at home. Skin is not only redness with stinging but also burning sensation that is acute sunburn. At this moment, the skin is very sensitive and should deactivate any skin care products. Consult a doctor to seek proper medical treatment

Tip no. 2 Sedative effect of the product should be noted ingredients inside.
After sunburn, the products such as aloe vera gel or loofah water can make skin soothing cool. It should be noted whether there are other ingredient additives. Take note that sensitive skin is allergic to the products.

Tip no. 3 Sunburn may be the cause of Rosacea.
Sunburn of the skin is reddish and inflated. One of the reasons is the symptom of Rosacea. The skin gets to be reddish if exposed to sunshine. Immediate consultation from a physician is adviced.

Tip no. 4 We need at least two kinds of skin care products due the season.
Skin manifestations can affect in all kinds of skin. Skin is also sensitive on change of climate. For example: people staying in air-conditioned rooms but outside is super hot in the summer. Using the proper skin care products is very important to make the skin maintain its hydrate balance. 

Tip no. 5 Mixed skin needs care separately.
Dry skin needs to pick more moisture products, but oily skin Noir must pick more refreshing ones. For example, the part near the nose is easily oils and the cheek to the top of the forehead is drier. You can apply fresh products for the oily parts for maintenance. Also, enhance moisture along the outer parts of the face.

Tip no. 6 Apply whitening and exfoliating topical lotions after sunburn
At this moment, skin is very sensitive and the most important thing is to apply moisturizers and avoid exposure in sunlight. Whitening and exfoliating products applied should be suspended.

Tip no. 7 Limited Time for facial treatment
Facial mask and lotion can be applied to dry skin only for 3-5 minutes.

Tip no. 8 Enhance skin metabolism
Some skin can’t absorb lotions because of accumulated corneous substance to the skin.

Tip no. 9 Replenishment lock water can play a role again

Applying toner is not enough. After using any moisturizer, the skin should applied with lotion or cream to trap the moisture in the skin.


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