The roles of Vitamin in skin

The roles of Vitamin in skin

The roles of Vitamin in skin
As we know, the chemical changes induced by exposure to sunlight, we should be able to design a cosmeceutical regime to combat photodamage and reverse its effects. Vitamin molecules are the options and have the functions of metabolism, antioxidant and preventing free radical.
1.     Metabolism
Vitamin A controls the conversion of pre–matrix metalloproteinases secreted by keratinocytes and fibroblasts into active matrix metalloproteinases, but with a deficiency of vitamin A, UV irradiation stimulates the unimpaired release of metalloproteinases that then destroy collagen and the anchoring fibrils. Without vitamin A, the rete pegs become flattened. Langerhans cells need vitamin A to function, but if the vitamin A is inactivated by light, then they cannot function properly and recognize cells whose DNA has been damaged.

2.     Antioxidant
Deficiencies of vitamin C permit more free radical damage.
The main action of vitamin C is as an important antioxidant. Vitamin C is important for the reactivation of vitamin E that has been converted into a tocopheryl radical by quenching a free radical.
Vitamin E (d-tocopherol and derivatives) is probably the major antioxidant in the skin and is               readily depleted after sun exposure.
The normal network antioxidants of the skin are vitamin E, vitamin C, glutathione, coenzyme Q10, and α-lipoic acid.
3.     free radical
These are potentiated by flavonoids and carotenoids .
Beta carotene, the plant form of vitamin A, is a powerful free radical quencher. 
Lutein is another carotenoid that has particular value because it is a powerful absorber of blue light, which can severely damage cells.

Panthenol is a coenzyme in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It has other soothing effects on skin 
and is also a free radical quencher.
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