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Daily skin cleaning

Daily skin cleaning
Skin cleansing with soaps and detergents cause barrier damage in epidermis.
The surfactants in modern cleansing products are anionics, nonionics, and amphoterics. The dermatological effects of surfactants on skin can be attributed to four fundamental mechanisms (1) adsorption to skin surface, (2) removal of skin components, (3) penetration into deeper skin layers, and (4) cytotoxic effects on living cells in the epidermis. They will affect barrier homeostasis of the skin and other physiological factors.
Shortly after the application of surfactants, a Stratum corneum swelling occurs. Long-term application of surfactants, dehydration of the Stratum corneum occurs. They are derived lipids into lamellar bilayers are disrupted. The washing procedure is of particular importance for barrier lipids, barrier function, and Stratum corneum water content. Sensitive skin is considered a special condition in which there is reduced tolerance and high incidences of adverse reactions to frequent or prolonged use of cosmetic products.

People with sensitive skin should change their washing behavior and use mild acidic cleansing products. An acidic Stratum corneum pH is crucial for maintaining barrier homeostasis and Stratum corneum integrity

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