How do the skin resist the sun light?

How do the skin resist the sun light?

How do the skin resist the sun light?
The skin has some tissues to protect the sun light.  And there are some advice for sunburn. 

Block and scatter the sun light
It is one kind of lipid covered out of the skin. It helps to reflect and absorb the sun light. 
Sweat gland
The sweat gland excretes the lipid and wet the skin.
Stratum corneum
This layer will become thicker with melanin.
Epidermal cell
DNA will try to recover the oxygen system

The three stages of erythema
Stage I: The symptom is not visible to the naked eye. But the substances are released by the blood vessel dilatation due to the stimulation.  
Stage II: The appearance of skin is turned to red markedly and feels uncomfortable.
Stage III: The desquamations of skin are the damaged cells and they prevent the advanced sunburn.

How to prevent sunburn
1.      Block : wear clothes to protect the sun light
2.      Reduce: apply the moisture and sun block lotions
3.      Release: minimize swelling and reduce redness
4.     Restore: supply the nutrition to help the metabolism

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