factors for skin damage(1)

factors for skin damage(1)
There are many factors that cause skin damage. How does the damage result? They may be from the UV light, pollution, and so on. For example, photoaging and free radical. Then the cells are influenced.  
Sunlight will cause phtoaging. Chronically irradiated skin is metabolically hyperactive, thus giving rise to epidermal hyperplasia and neoplasia, increased production of elastic fibers (solar elastosis), accelerated breakdown and synthesis of collagen, and enhanced inflammatory processes. If DNA damaged and a mutation occurs in the gene, the keratinocytes may lose their ability.

Free radical and antioxidants
Stratum corneum is frequently and directly exposed not only to UVR but also to other outside forces such as air pollutants, chemical oxidants, smoking, and microorganisms. They are the resources of free radicals. If the protection is insufficient, oxidative damage may occur. Then the chronic accumulation of such deviated cell components may result in tissue aging. The outer layers of the Stratum corneum are more susceptible to lipid/protein oxidation. 

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