The ingredient of cosmetic and skin care products_epidermis

The ingredient of cosmetic and skin care products_epidermis
There are many different substances help to maintain the function of epidermis. The ingredients of cosmetics and skin care products add the following ingredients to simulate the function of lipids. The ingredients of cosmetics are usually similar to the substances inside the skin due to easy absorption.
They could be three groups.
The lipids of epidermis
l   Triglycerides and fatty acids
It often is adopted as the basic ingredient of cosmetics. It can reduce water loss and improve hydration of stratum corneum. This substance dominates 60% of the lipids.
l   Squalene, C30H50
Hydrogenated squalance is safe and stable, such that it is often added in the cosmetics to improve absorption. It dominates 12% of the lipids
l   Ceramide
Ceramides are necessary for barrier repair and cell regulation in stratum corneum. They are from Keratinocyte divisions.
There are many kinds of ceramides have been identified in skin such as ceramide 1(EOS), ceramide 2 (NS), ceramide 3 (NP), ceramide 4 (EOH), ceramide5 (AS), ceramide 6- I, 6-II, and so on. 
Ceramide1 (EOS) is the only substance that can’t be man-made. It is Linoleic acid after esterification. Ceramide 3 (NP) is the most popular artificial ingredient nowadays because of the closest character of skin. It can improve the hydration and maintain the metabolism.
The ingredients of ceramide in cosmetics are artificial and made of sphingosine, fat and carbohydrate. The ingredients are called as the following.
a.      Sphingolipid
It can be collected from the brains and spines of mammals. Some are from plans as well.
               b.     Glycophingolipid.  

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