The ingredients of cosmetics and skin care products_NMF

Natural moisturizing factor
Natural moisturizing factor(NMF) is a combination of hydrating molecules. 
Natural moisturizing factors (NMF) are the substances excreted from skin cells themselves. It is found in the skin cells of the epidermis. 
Natural moisturizing factors (NMF) is very important for the skin. So the cosmetic industry try to add ingredients to simulate the function of natural moisturizing factors (NMF).
The ingredients of the natural moisturizing factors adding in cosmetics are as the following.
l   Lactic acid
     It can help to hydrate.
l   Urea
     It can help percutaneous absorption. The stratum corneum consists 1.5% of the cells.
l   Amino acids
l   PCA. Na
    The hydration ability is better than glycerin. The stratum corneum consists 3-4% of the cells. 

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