wrinkles, fine wrinkle and coarse wrinkle

There are two kind of wrinkles. They are fine wrinkle and coarse wrinkle.
The wrinkles are caused by different reasons. 
Fine wrinkle
The Keratinocyte reduces the cell divisions, and has longer Keratinization process. The Stratum corneum is dry

Coarse wrinkle
The change of Elastic fiber, collagen, reticulum fibers in dermis. The skins loose the elasticity. 

The following is the structure of dermis. There are some fibers, materials, cells, and organ.
When they become old, that will cause wrinkle.

Structure of dermis
1.      Fibers
Elastic fiber, collagen, reticulum fibers
2.      Basic material
Glycoproteins, acid mucopolysaccharides, neutral mucopolysaccharides, etc.
3.      Cell
Fibroblast, mast cell, macrophage, etc.
4.     Organ
blood capillaries, nerves, glands, and hairs.

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