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People care about the wrinkles on their face. The reasons that caused wrinkles is aging. So the cosmetic and skin care industry adds the ingredients to simulate the material in the dermis.
The ingredients of cosmetics are usually similar to the substances inside the skin due to easy absorption. The following is the ingredients of cosmetics and skin care products.
The macromolecule in dermis
l   Collagen
Collagens in human body exist in many different types. However, collagen in cosmetics should be hydrolyzed collagens for easy abortion in dermis. Only the low molecular weight of macromolecules could go through the gap of barriers and reach dermis.  
l   Elastin
It is water-soluble substances and full of Lysine.
l   Melanine
It consists of melanocytes and can prevent the UV.
l   Keratin
It is similar to the collagen that needs to hydrolyze to low molecular weight. Then it will interact with skin as amino acids. 
l   Mucopoly-Saccharides
One of famous mucopoly-saccharides is hyaluronic acid which is a water-soluble substance. It maintains the hydration of connective tissue and elasticity of skin. Otherwise, the high hydration can absorb 400 times of water. It is made of umbilical cord of human, crest of rooster, and the of trachea of calf.

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