Why do we get old?(1)

Why do we get old?
Can we live longer?
Why do human age?
Some elders are still healthy, but some are weak and sick. The scientists do not come to the definitive conclusions yet. There are some aging theories as the following.  

The aging theories_part1

Wear and tear
The cells wear and tear day and night and cause the function decline of organs like the tire wears. For example, the degenerative arthritis is because of cartilage worn.  

Waste accumulation
As time goes by, the cells will leave toxins and garbage after sickness in the body. These toxins and garbage will affect the metabolism of the body. For example, the lipofuscin and melisma is.    

Immune suppression
The young people are seldom sick, but the elders are easy to suffer from illness, even the cancer. Why? The phenomena may be  the immune system declining. Thymus gland is the primary lymph organ in our body and in charge of the function of immune system. When the baby is born, the thymus gland has 250g dominated 10-15% of the body weight. However, the elder only has 3-5g. The scientists believe one of the aging reason is because of immune suppression.

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