The treatment of eczema, the synonym for dermatitis-3

The treatment of eczema, the synonym for dermatitis-3
Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin, the cause of which may be from outside environment, immune system, or a combination of both.
The patients and the treating doctor hope the effective and convenient dermatological therapy. Physical therapy is usually inconvenient and need to a lot of patient but is effective. Systemic therapy is considered to be effective immediately. The patient and the treating doctor are often being conservative due to the risk of potential side effect. The following is dermatological therapies.

Topical Corticosteroids

Topical corticosteroids are certainly the mainstay of dermatological treatment of inflammatory conditions. Corticosteroids function via by inducing suppression of inflammatory cytokines and inhibiting function of T cells and a range of other inflammatory cells. The production of arachidonic acid which is one of the fatty acid in skin is affected as well as the function of vascular and connective tissues. The potency of a steroid is based on its side effect. The ranges are from class 1 to class7.
Side effects, especially after long-term use, include atrophy of the skin, occurrence of telangiectasia, and, particularly in the elderly, skin purpura. Secondary infection can be a problem, particularly folliculitis and a special form of dermatitis called perioral dermatitis. Use of appropriate strengths for different localizations on the body eases some of the side effect problems. For instance, the face should only be treated with weak steroids, and intertriginous areas (groin and axilla) should only be treated with weak or moderate-strength steroids. This is because the absorption is more medication than other areas. 

(Ref. national eczema org.)
Some of common side effects:
·         thinning of the skin (atrophy)
·         Skin thickening (lichenification)
·         Stretch marks (striae)
·         Darkening of the skin
 on the face and around the mouth, can cause other types of side effects (some of them more severe)

Some other possible side effects
Tiny pink bumps on the skin
Red, pus-filled hair follicles (called folliculitis, which is rare)
Adrenal suppression

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