Do you understand your hair structure?

The structure of hairs

Hair bulb
Hair root:
Hairs in the skin
Hair shaft
Hairs out of skin
Hair follicle

Hair shaft

Structure of hairs

Hair has a shaft above the skin and a root embedded in the skin. The basic components of hairs are keratin, melanin and trace quantities of metallic elements.   
If hairs are in the period of growth, they will remain in the follicle. During the resting stage, hairs will be sloughed from the skin.

Cuticle is the outer layer of hair shaft. There are three structures in the cuticle. They are coronal, spinous, and imbricate. Only the imbricate type is belonged to human. The others are only found in animals.

The medulla is a central core of cells in hairs. It will be amorphous in appearance in human. The structure will be in there types. They are fragmentary, broken, or continuous.

The cortex is the main body of hairs. It contains cortical, pigment granules, and ovoid bodies.

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