What kind of hairs do you have?

The skin Adnexa
Sweat gland
sebaceous gland

The types of hairs
Lanugo hairs
Hairs are soft and thin. They only happened to the newborn baby. 
Vellus hairs
They are only 1-2cm height without melanin.
They don’t have sebaceous gland and won’t excrete lipid.
Terminal hairs
They are coarse and long hairs with glands. Especially on head, arm, and leg.    

Hairs have their life. They continue to grow, fall off, and new born. It can be defined to 3 periods. They are Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. It falls off 70-120 hairs every day.

Dermal papilla
It is the recess of hair bulb. There are cells next to edge to get the nutrition from blood capillaries. The cell divisions will become new hairs. If cells are damaged, the hairs won’t grow any more.  

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