What is the skin(6)? the cells

Epidermis has layers
Stratum corneum/ horny layer
Stratum lucidum
Stratum granulosum/ granular layer
Stratum spinosum/ spinous layer
Stratum basale/ basal layer

The major cells in epidermis
Keratinocyte: start from Stratum basale
Cormeocyte: late stage of cell division, almost full in stratum corneum
Langerhans cell
Merkel cell

l   Keratinization is that the cell divisions from Stratum basale to stratum corneum. The outer layer cells become hardened and died.
l   Desquamation is the process the upper layer cells escape the skin.
l   During the cell divisions, the cell will release substances such as ceramide, cholesterol, fatty acid, etc. The substances is the lipid which will connect the keratinocytes well and prevent the water loss.
l   Corneocytes are terminally differentiated keratinocytes and are the cells without cytoplasmic organelles. The cells fill with keratin, lipids, fatty acids and ceramides.
l   The corneocyte cell layer can absorb three times its weight in water but if its water content drops below 10% it no longer remains pliable and cracks.( Ref. www.radcliffe-oxford.com)
The cell division happened and cells migrate to the outer skin. The cell will excrete some substance to joint together. Water is the important factor for cell division process. 

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