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The skin has three layers. They are epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissues

Stratum corneum/ horny layer
Stratum lucidum
Stratum granulosum/ granular layer
Stratum spinosum/ spinous layer
Stratum basale/ basal layer

The major cells in epidermis
Langerhans cell
Merkel cell

l   In stratum basale
l   The cell density is 1000-1500unit/mm2
l   Different body part has different Melanocyte density
l   excrete melanin in Keratinocyte to protect UV ray and reduce the chemical from environment

Langerhans cell
l   in Stratum granulosum
l   cell desnity is 400-1000unit/mm2
l   It is like the white blood cell to prevent infections.
l   It trigger immune system by interacting with antigen and T-cells . 

Merkel cell
l   In Stratum basale
l   Connect the surrounding Keratinocyte
l   Are more in finger, oral cavity, and hair root
l   They are derived from neural crest cells. They also as touch cells

basement membrane
The basement membrane is a thin, fibrous, extracellular matrix of tissue that separates the epithelium, mesothelium and endothelium from underlying connective tissue. (ref. wikipedia )

It is the crucial tissue for the transdermal diffusion effect.

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