What is skin? epidermis(4)

The skin has three layers. They are epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissues

Stratum corneum
l   Outermost epidermis, it is also called horny layer
l   Full of Corneocyte which is dead keratinocyte
l   Visual barrier for observation

Stratum lucidum
l   Clear layer, 3-5 layer, dead keratinocyte
l   Thickness depends on the speed of cell division. The color is related to melanocyte.
l   Clear lay is more obvious in thick skin. Because it contains a lot of eleidin which is premature keratin.
l   The thickness of Stratum corneum in lips is thinner, and it has a lot of eleidin. So the appearance is red color. 
Stratum granulosum/ granular layer
l   It is also called Granular layer which has granular cells and keratohyalin granules
l   It is the transition zone of Stratum corneum and starts to appear lamellar bodies. It also continues to excrete lipid into gap of each cell.

Stratum spinosum/ spinous layer
l   Spinous lay or pricle cell layer due to connection with desmosome.
l   The keratinized tissue is from this layer
Stratum basale/ basal layer

l   Stratum germinativum

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