skin color type_ITA

skin color type_ITA
There are many methods to detect the skin health, skin surface properties, skin color, skin color type, and hair conditions. They are non-intrusive. The following is the method to figure out the skin color type. 

Skin color type
1.  Fizpatrick skin types
Questionnaire designed by Dr. Thomas B. Fitpatrick in 1975.
Fizpatrick skin types
Type I       Celtic type                   0-150
Type II.    Caucasian white          50-250
Type III    Mixed type                 100-350
Type IV    Mediterranean type    150-500
Type V     Asian/ Indian skin      150-650
Type VI    Black skin                  600-999

2.  ITA0(individual typology angle) calculation

CIE colorimetry
=[Arc Tangent ((L*-50)/b*)] x 180/ π

Very light                  ITA> 550
Light                 400< ITA0<550
Intermediate      280< ITA0<410
Tan/matt            100< ITA0<280
Brown              -300< ITA0<100
Black                         ITA0< -300

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