skin color

There are many methods to detect the skin health, skin surface properties, skin color, skin color type, and hair conditions. They are non-intrusive.
Color grading, Melanin analysis and Colorimeter analysis are the methods to find your skin color. 

Skin color
1. Color grading
Classified by compared the following charts
Von Luschan’s chromatic scale
Human skin tone chart
The Taylor hyperpigmentation scale
L’Oreal skin color chart
2. Melanin analysis
Observe the skin absorption and intensity of the reflected light which is illuminated by green light (568nm), red light (650-700 nm), far infrared (870nm). An erythema index for hemoglobin and a melanin index for melanin can be calculated.
3. Colorimeter analysis
Use reflectance spectrophotometry to measure the color space.

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