Main functions of surfactant in cosmetics

Main functions of surfactant in cosmetics
1. Stable the cosmetic
It is as an emulsifier to reduce the interfacial tension of water and oil and increase the stability of cosmetics and skin care products.
2.   As the main ingredient of cosmetics
Shampoo, body washes and shower gel are to remove dirt. The main ingredients are surfactants.

The key points of surfactant
1.  has hydrophilic/ lipophobic and lipophilic/ hydrophobic at the same time
2.  The molecular weight is over 200
3.  The molecular weight of hydrophilic almost equals to molecular weight of lipophilic
Ex 1. Ch3(CH2)2COO-Na+: COO-Na+ (hydrophilic) is far larger than CH3(CH2)2.( lipophilic) It can’t be a surfactant.
Ex 2. CH3(CH2)14OH: CH3(CH2)14 (lipophilic) is far larger than OH (hydrophilic). It can’t be a surfactant.

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