Critical micelle concentration, CMC
The characters of surfactant
 Critical micelle concentration, CMC

When there are too many surfactant molecules for the molecules to be comfortably spaced, they collect in balls called micelles with their water-hating end in the center and the water-loving end on the outside. As more water is added to a solution that contains micelles, surfactant molecule leaves the micelles if they can maintain their preferred spacing. As more water is added, there will be a point where there is just enough water so that there will be no more micelles and the surfactant molecules are tightly packed. This concentration is called the Critical Micelle Concentration or CMC.

Critical micelle concentration (CMC) is a measure of surfactant efficiency. A lower CMC indicates less surfactant is needed to saturate interfaces and form micelles. Typical CMC values are less than 1% by weight 

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