Skin health_Skin temperature and PH

There are many methods to detect the skin health, skin surface properties, skin color, skin color type, and hair conditions. They are non-intrusive.

Skin health

l   Skin temperature
1.          The normal skin temperature is around 320C
2.          The skin temperature depends on the blood circulation in the subcuties.
3.          You can use the professional device to measure skin temperature, but also can just use the    thermometer.
l   Skin PH
To detect skin hydrogen ion concentration

The skin is covered by an acid mantle, which is formed through secretion from the sweat and sebaceous glands.
The measurement of pH uses electrochemical interface processes. Changes in the potential of the electrode can be evaluated by determining the potential difference between this electrode and a standard electrode with constant potential. Otherwise, temperature can affect PH measurements.
The normal pH range of the acid mantle is from 4.5 to 6.5. 
The acid mantle provides skin protection via chemical buffering, detoxifying, and bacteriostatic functions. Significant changes in pH may give rise to bacterial invasion sensitization, and various forms of dermatitis.

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