Why do we get old(5)?

Why do we get old?
The genes are the important rue of aging. How do they do?
Why do human age? Some elders are still healthy, but some are weak and sick. The scientists do not come to the definitive conclusions yet. There are some aging theories as the following.   The aging theories _part5
Genetic Endowment
A set of genes determine your congenital disease, life expectancy, many degenerative diseases, etc. Gene has two copies, and one inherited from each parent. So gene is the essential factor of age.
Telomere’s length
Telomere is the end of a chromosome which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration and fusion with the other chromosome.The length of telomere will be shorter as cell division each time. If the length of telomere is shorter than a significant length, it will lose its protecting function for chromosome. Cell division will be no more, and the cells age and die. 
Longevity gene
The scientists discover DAF-2 gene will cause cells to age and destroy them will expand the life span in nematode worm experiments. In contrast, DAF-16 will let cells be healthy. If it is destroyed in the experiment, the life span of nematode worm will decrease and be less active. DAF-2 and DAF-16 are two genes related to longevity and aging. 

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