Skin surface properties_Roughness of skin

here are many methods to detect the skin health, skin surface properties, skin color, skin color type, and hair conditions. They are non-intrusive.

Skin surface properties

l   Roughness of skin
Use a machine to evaluate the friction of skin
There are the methods to measure skin friction: the sled, the spinning drum or spool, and the rotating disk. The rule to define friction is by dragging or spinning or rotating the edge against the skin to encounter the resistance by the machine. This would give the friction value of the skin.
Sebum is the liquids excreted by the sebaceous glands. It has the function to main skin’s barriers with mild bacterial and antifungal properties. Howerver, excess sebum could block the follicle surface.
        The principle of the measurement is the observation the device opacity becomes transparent as its surface is covered by lipids. 
Optical method
Measure the lipids on your skin. The more oil on the skin is, the more transmittance is.
Absorption method
Use a patch to evaluate the oil

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