UVR: the differenes among UVA, UVB and UVC

UV dominates 10% of sun light energy.
(UVB=5% of UV, UVA= 95% of UV)
The magnitude of UV is associated with the latitude, height, time, season, and climate.

Wave length is 100-280nm. The shorter wave length, the more energy it has. It is the most harmful sun light for skin. Fortunately, most of them are filtered by the atmosphere. However, the global warming and climate change cause the depletion of ozone layers nowadays. UVC will be easy to damage human skin.

Wave length is 280-320nm.
Around 16% will penetrate epidermis to dermis
The symptoms are sunburn, redness, and skin cancer.
Manifestation: persistent pigment darkening

Around 57% will penetrate epidermis to dermis
The radiation will cause the free radical to damage the elastin and collagen in dermis. This is called photo aging and also results the wrinkles.
Manifestation: immediate pigment darkening

UVB sunburn is caused by the culprit red skin drying and has been linked to skin cancer. UVA is associated with aging of the skin, and along with UVB exposure, may increase risk or facilitate skin cancer. UVA though milder, is still not safe.

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