Why do we get old? (3)

Why do we get old?
Why the sweet tooth should be careful about their health?
Why do human age? Some elders are still healthy, but some are weak and sick. The scientists do not come to the definitive conclusions yet. There are some aging theories as the following. 

The aging theories_part3

Molecular cross linkage
Cross-linking theory is from the idea of chemical change which means bond two different parts together. About food, caramelization is overheating the sugar molecules such like toast and causing the sugar molecules attached to the protein molecules. If the reaction happens to the human body, it is called glycation. This process would cause aging in specific tissues after inappropriate attachment and accumulations.
The reaction will cause the tissues to become stiffer and don’t function efficiently.
For example, the arteries hardens will increase risk of heart attack and stroke. The protein collagen in dermis in skin will lose the elasticity, and this is one of reason of wrinkles.     
Preventing the foods with high glycemic index will lower the concentration of sugar in the blood and slow the protein cross-linking down


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