Why do we get old? (2)

Why do we get old?
Is there any method to slow down aging?
Why do human age? Some elders are still healthy, but some are weak and sick. The scientists do not come to the definitive conclusions yet. There are some aging theories as the following.

The aging theories_part2

Error and repair
The damaged cells will continue to rebuild and repair again and again in the entire life. Therefore repaired DNA only can recover 90%. The unrepaired of DNA function composed a lot of proteins will accumulate and cause the error messages transfer. This is reason of dysfunction and illness in the body.

Caloric restriction
Dr. Roy Walford in UCLA proposes “caloric restriction” theory. After long term animal experiments, he found caloric restricted animals are younger, good health, and have a long life compared to the without restricted ones. He thinks the reason of experiments results is caloric restriction can decrease weight to reach the saturation point and optimize the metabolism

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