Skin health_Water content and hydration

There are many methods to detect the skin health, skin surface properties, skin color, skin color type, and hair conditions. They are non-intrusive. 
Skin health
l   Water content and hydration
Stratum corneum water meter
There are two plates in the measurement device which are insulated by a medium that acts as a dielectric.
A capacitor has the capability to store electrical charge when a charged field comes into close proximity
The capacitance is directly proportional to the moisture content of the samples
The higher the moisture is, the higher the capacitance is.
This method is according to the changes in the electrical properties of the stratum corneum.
Dry stratum corneum has weak electrical conduction.
The electrical properties of skin are expressed in terms of resistance, conductance (current/resistance), or impedance (ohms at a fixed frequency).
An increase in the dielectric constant leads to a decrease in impedance and increased conductance and capacitance.
It is easily influenced by external factors that act on the stratum corneum.
For example, at high frequencies, it is impossible to measure resistance and capacitance accurately. In addition, at high frequencies, impedance provides information not only on the stratum corneum, but also on the deeper layers of the skin.

The difference of above is measurements at different frequencies of the applied alternating current are integrated. The advantage of this method is it allows to select the different electrical impedance by the layers of skin.

Dielectric constant value
15um: epidermis, stratum corneum
30um: epidermis, stratum corneum
2mm  : dermis


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